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Our team at the Scarlet Ibis all agree our location in Holberg is really the gateway to a vast number of exciting outdoor experiences, all located near the pristine coastal waters of the pacific northwest.

The map provided below outlines 7 different destinations accessed via Holberg, each representing a good day trip including exploring the beautiful beaches at each location.

Note: All are accessed by active logging roads, remember to use caution, and give logging trucks the right of way.

Here’s a brief overview of these destinations, with more comprehensive details and information available at The Scarlet Ibis Pub:


Nestled within Cape Scott Provincial Park, a serene 35-minute drive west from The Scarlet Ibis, lies one of Vancouver Island’s most stunning beaches. Following your drive, enjoy a leisurely 40-minute flat hike to reach the shoreline.

This beach is a true gem, with plenty of exploratory opportunities, including the option to ascend Mt. St. Patrick for those seeking additional adventure.

Just an hour’s drive to the west and south from The Scarlet Ibis, you’ll find a splendid pebble beach. Simply follow the signs for around 11 km towards Cape Scott and then make a left onto Palmerston Main for another 14 km, taking you about 3 km past Raft Cove.

This remote beach, frequently washed by intense winter storms, promises a unique experience. Take a stroll along the shore at low tide to explore the fascinating world of tide pools.

Just about an hour to the west and south from The Scarlet Ibis, following the signs for roughly 11 km towards Cape Scott and taking a left onto Palmerston Main for another 10 km, you’ll arrive at the Raft Cove parking lot.

From there, a roughly 2 km trail, with some challenging and typically muddy sections, leads to the beach. Allow approximately 40-45 minutes for this hike. Once you reach the end of the trail, over 2 km of breathtaking beach extending to the mouth of the Macjack River unfolds before you.

The trail winds through a coastal old-growth forest, home to hemlock, western red cedar, and Sitka spruce. Despite being renowned for excellent surfing conditions, the beach usually remains uncrowded due to its remote location.

Positioned predominantly to the south and west of The Scarlet Ibis, follow the road towards Winter Harbour. Turn west onto West Main, then right onto Top Knot Main for about 6 km beyond the Grant Bay turnoff. Finally, take a left onto Hecht Main for approximately 5 km.

You’ll be greeted by a stunning and remote beach, dotted with numerous small, rocky headlands that divide the various gravel beaches. This location is known as one of Vancouver Island’s top beachcombing sites.

Popular activities here include camping on the beach, surfing, fishing, swimming, and hiking, making it a delightful destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Head towards Winter Harbour from The Scarlet Ibis, then make a right onto West Main, following the signs for Grant Bay. This journey should take around an hour.

From the parking area, a short trail of just 0.5 km leads you to a breathtaking beach. Enclosed by a white sandy shore and rugged rocks, this beach is recognized as one of the island’s most magnificent sights.

Starting from Holberg, follow the signs leading to Winter Harbour, about a 40-minute drive to the south. This quaint village, resting off Quatsino Sound at the Pacific Ocean’s edge, boasts unique allure.

Home to numerous fishing lodges, campgrounds, and marinas, Winter Harbour stands out as an ultimate fishing destination.

Koprino, situated approximately 30 km south of Holberg, is about a 40-minute drive. Make your way south on SE Main.

At this location, you’ll discover the expansive Quatsino Provincial Park. Spanning 654 hectares, this unspoiled park safeguards important archaeological sites, a mature forest, a handful of small lakes, and the sheltered inlet of Koprino Harbour.

Additionally, a compact 11-site campground is located at Koprino Rec Camp, offering a more intimate camping experience.

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